Evans v. Shores, et al.

Circuit Court for Worcester County
Case Number: 23-C-14-775

Date of Trial: 5/18/15 -5/19/15

Opposing Counsel:  Mark Rosasco, Esq.
Co-Defendant’s Counsel: Laurie Ann Garey, Esq.

Demand:  $771,000.00
Verdict:    $           0.00 (Defense Verdict)

Special Circumstances

In a hotly contested two day jury trial including drinking and driving; serious injuries; and assumption of the risk on the part of the plaintiff (getting into a vehicle with someone she had been drinking with all evening), the jury deliberated for less than 45 minutes before returning a defense verdict for both defendants. Mr. Staples represented the driver of the vehicle in which the plaintiff was a passenger. After speaking to members of the jury, they told him that they simply did not believe the plaintiff when she denied she had seen the defendant drink that evening despite being in close proximity to him for substantial period of time.