Burtis v. Mason, et al.

Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County
Case Number: 02-C-14-187073

Date of Trial: 10/13/15

Opposing Counsel:  Harold Murnane, Esq.

Demand: Trial on liability only in a personal injury claim with an agreed upon verdict ($45,000.00).
Verdict:   No liability on the part of either defendant ($0.00)

Special Circumstances

This was a very unusual case involving an alleged brawl outside of a bar in Baltimore, an alleged hit and run by one of the defendants and alleged injuries suffered by the plaintiff. After a hotly contested trial involving all the “players” at the scene, the jury was pursuaded that neither of the defendants were liable and the plaintiff’s injuries, if any, were not related to the accident (and perhaps the accident did not even occur). A complete win for the defense.